Sample menu

Crunchy money bags of filo pastry filled with herbed seasonal vegetables & cashews


Skewers of Indian paneer cheese with a touch of mustard and rock salt

Succulent pieces of corn-fed chicken breast in coriander root & cream cheese marinade grilled over live charcoal

Pan grilled patties of Indian style lamb mince with coriander, red onion & green chillies

Cauliflower fritters served with a hot garlic and tomato dip


Hydrabadi chicken biryani topped with a chicken kebab accompanied with cucumber and pomegranate raita

Red snapper and aubergine curry infused with Southern Indian mustard seeds, coconut and tamarind

Roasted aubergine mash with green peas tempered with cumin

Hearty Punjabi style chickpeas in masala gravy

Fragrant South Indian inspired green chilli and coconut chicken curry


Orange scented gulab jamun milk dumplings served in light sugar syrup

Warm carrot and almond halva with toasted nut topping served with artisan vanilla ice cream

As we pride ourselves on creating a bespoke menu for each client, this is only a small selection of the dishes we can prepare for your event. For further information, please email and we can tell you about our range of canapes, corporate buffets and vegan dishes.

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